White Dove Nursery provides a welcoming, secure environment for parents and children. It is designed around the most up to date research about how children learn most successfully.

Our commitment is to provide opportunities which will promote every aspect of children’s learning and understanding, through curiosity and exploration of our natural world and the people within it. Our Goal is to develop the total personality of the child through a very well-designed program of early childhood care and education.

In keeping with EYFS and High Scope philosophies, our classrooms consider not only what children need in a space, but how they will use it. Our center will form an integral part of a child’s early learning hence we have carefully curated high-quality resources and beautiful environment. Children at our center develop self-reliance whilst exploring and establishing skills, concepts all at their own pace.

Our Baby room is designed to offer a secure place with loving teachers who honor your family’s routine, and who know every day that they’re not caring for any child, but the most important child who is yours. We offer relaxed and homely two baby rooms, which cares for upto 9 babies between 6 weeks and 18 months.
Our toddler’s room is a safe place for your newly independent child to test out and learn new skills, wonder about everything, and discover how to make friends. Children within these rooms are encouraged to develop their independence and explore their surroundings by making their own decisions on which activities they chose to participate in.
You are welcome to come and tour the Nursery.
Just give us a call and we will take you on a personalized tour at which time we will provide you with as much information as possible, introduce you to our staff, show you the excellent facilities we provide.