White Dove Nursery provides a welcoming, secure environment for parents and children. It is designed around the most up to date research about how children learn most successfully.


Our wonderful baby room facilities enable us to care for up to 9 babies aged between 6 weeks and 12 months. Our highly trained and enthusiastic staff provide a caring and happy environment where you child can feel relaxed and their individual routines will be followed. We maintain a ratio of 1:3 staff for our Baby room.

In the first year of life, babies develop a basic sense of self and others, form attachments, and learn to speak their first words. Our infant care professionals write daily reports on your child’s learning experiences, activities with pictures of their most priceless moments. We work closely with you, the parent, to develop a smooth and optimal schedule.

Explorations of texture, color, pattern, size, shape, smell, sound, and taste are all encouraged. Lots of movement, songs, books, and puppets are integrated daily.


Our brilliant toddler room is perfect for toddlers between 1 to 2 years. Our range of different activities provide your toddler with a high-quality play experience. We put strong emphasis on healthy living and playing outdoors. We maintain a ratio of 1:3 up until the age of 2 years old. We largely focus on the Personal, Social, Emotional, Physical and Communication and Language Development aspects of the EYFS

During this time frame, your child is encouraged to form friendships with their peers, begin to build their self-awareness, self-confidence, learn to share and take turns whilst using resources. At this stage, children are excited to see, do and make things on their own. Children develop relationships towards the people around them, start to walk, talk, and learn how to express feelings and emotions.

Our Toddler room includes:

  • Structured play
  • High quality play experience
  • Healthy living and outdoor playing
  • Creative arts and crafts
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Stories
  • Construction and Imaginative play


Our Nursery class accepts children from 2 – 3 years old. Within the class, children are encouraged to become more independent in relation to their health and self-care and are also provided with various media and materials to independently select based on their personal preferences.
Under the caring hands of our experienced staff, our Nursery program suits the natural state of curiosity cherished by children at this age. We believe children should be encouraged to develop at their own pace so we provide a variety of opportunities for them to discover, question, experience, imagine, experiment and learn to prepare them for their first year in the school world.

  • Learning interactions, including relationship building exercises, critical thinking, sensory and language experiences
  • Small group brain-based learning experiences
  • Story time with focus on literacy skills and character development
  • Music and movement
  • Outside time
  • Pool and water play



Our Preschool class accepts children from 3 – 4 years and focuses on preparing children for 'Big School' through various fine motor skills, literacy, mathematics-based activities and by developing a child’s skills in social interaction, emotional development, physical skills.

White Dove Nursery promotes independence within this age group, which is aided by our purpose-built environment. Our experienced staff has created a program specifically for the cognitive development of preschoolers through theme-based activities which incorporate language, art, music, and physical development.

Our framework ensures a dedicated focus in children’s early literacy and numeracy abilities appropriate for each individual child. The Child discovers a new way to express both in words and ideas. This allows their social world to expand even further.


White Dove Nursery is a home away from home for your child. We understand the requirement for a haven for your toddler while you are busy at work. Our daycare center is designed to provide a structured, routine oriented, disciplined and most of all, a safe environment for your toddler.

Our trained staff will pay individual attention to each child’s needs when required. At any given time, there will be multiple eyes on your child to assure their safety. The entire premises are monitored with CCTV cameras for added protection.All kids are individually fed and supervised when eating their lunch. Soon after, they are washed or bathed by a daycare assistant according to the instructions of the parents.

The children are then taken into the nap room for a good one-hour nap. After the nap, the children will be engaged in group activities such as art and craft, singing and dancing or indoor playing until the parents arrive at the door for pick-up.


Fee: AED 500/monthly
Resources : AED:250/-
Resources will be provided which will include worksheets, art, and craft material, etc. Each child will be assessed, and term wise reports will be shared with you to know the development and growth of the child. Yoga and Zumba class will be done twice a week. Confirm your child's enrollment by paying online.